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What is The Boardroom?

Say goodbye to the same old HR-approved personal development and hello to The Boardroom, where we help you elevate your executive game with an interactive and supportive educational experience.

  • Sick of feeling like your relationships are on life support
  • Like your energy is drained, and your sleep is suffering?
  • Employees want to leave and you have no connection with them?
  • Stress is "the norm"

We've got your back with a focus on emotional intelligence, habits, physical wellness, and career support. The Boardroom is the game-changer you've been waiting for!

The Boardroom 


Emotional Intelligence




While many personal development programs scratch the surface, The Boardroom delves into the emotional intricacies of leadership. We're not just talking about the basics; we're about unearthing those blind spots that have kept you from realizing your pinnacle of success. What you will gain:

*Enhanced Communication: Go beyond words. Understand and be understood on a deeper level.

* Profound Self-Awareness: Discover parts of yourself you never knew existed, allowing you to harness your strengths and address growth opportunities.

*Masterful Management of Challenges: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to handle high-stress situations, tricky negotiations and complex interpersonal dynamics. 

*Conditioned Stress Response Mastery: Recognize how ingrained stress patterns might be sabotaging your leadership. Learn actionable techniques to recalibrate, ensuring you lead from a place of strength, not reaction. 



Physical Health




Within the esteemed walls of The Boardroom, we believe that your body is as much a temple as it is a powerhouse of decision-making. 

Your physical health is not just a footnote; it's a foundational pillar of your leadership prowess. The vigor with which you confront a boardroom challenge can be traced back to the vitality of your body. That is why we've integrated physical wellness as a core focus of the Boardroom Membership. 

*Interlinked Wellness: Understand the symbolic relationship between emotional intelligence and physical well-being. 

*Beyond Quick Fixes: We get it. The allure of the quick caffeine boost or that grab-and-go meal might seem like the ideal solution for a leader on the move. But what if we showed you a better way? A way that ensures you are not just functioning, but thriving?

*Sustainable Habits for Long-Term Success: We're not about fads. We are about integrating health habits that stand the test of time, ensuring that your physical health complements your leadership journey. With strategies tailored for the busy executive, discover how to nourish and energize your body to unlock peak performance in your life. 


Career Wellness




Navigating the intricate corridors of leadership? Feeling the weight of missed opportunities or the sting of decisions you wish you could revisit? 

Welcome to The Boardroom Membership, where your career aspirations aren't just dreams, but actionable objectives waiting to be achieved. 

*Dynamic Landscape: In an era where the lines between work and personal life often blur, ensuring career wellness is paramount. It's not just about climbing the corporate ladder but doing so with integrity, clarity and satisfaction. 

*Holistic Leadership Training: It's easy to get caught in the web of micromanagement or lose sight of the fine balance between motivation and coercion. We'll guide you through the nuances of effective leadership, delving deep into the aspects like fostering transparency, innovation and team cohesion. 

*Tailored Growth Pathways: Every leader's journey is unique, and we respect that. Through personalized insight and strategies, we aim to enhance your strengths, address your challenges, and ensure that you're not moving but moving in the right direction. 


Welcome to the program! We're glad to have you here, and we hope you're already benefiting from our focus on emotional intelligence, behavior modification, and stress reduction.

As a leader, we understand the unique challenges you face, and our program is specifically designed to help you identify blind spots, communicate effectively with your team, and improve your mental and physical capacity. We're confident that by prioritizing self-care and career wellness, you'll not only become the best leader you can be but also inspire your team to prioritize their own health and well-being.

Thank you for investing in yourself and choosing our program to help you achieve your goals. We're excited to support you on your journey towards peak performance!



Unmatched Support
Monthly Masterclass

Join us for our Monthly Masterclass series, where we believe in taking bold action and achieving quick results. Our live ZOOM trainings provide ample time for you to implement the strategies we teach. Don't worry if you can't make it to every session, we'll have them recorded for your convenience so you can catch up at your own pace.

Hot Seat Questions

Looking to get personalized coaching for your unique needs? Look no further than our Hot Seat Questions! Before our upcoming call, submit your questions and get ready to receive tailored feedback that will help you move forward. With our high level of engagement and collaboration, you'll not only benefit from the discussion but also gain valuable insights from others on the call. 

Monthly Q & A

Make the most of the additional hours available to you during this time, which are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require assistance with a team event or a personal struggle, this is the opportunity to receive the support you need. Don't let this valuable time go to waste.

Unlimited Access

Enjoy unlimited access to our extensive collection of resources, videos, templates, and coaching materials at any time you need them. This comprehensive vault of information will serve as your guiding compass throughout our time together, providing you with the tools and insights you need to achieve your goals.


As part of our membership, you will have the opportunity to join a vibrant community of leaders who are facing similar challenges and working together to overcome them. This is a space where everyone has a seat at the table, and you'll be able to engage with others who share your goals and aspirations. 

Priority Enrollment 

With our priority enrollment, you'll have the opportunity to secure your spot in the Peak Performance courses and gain access to the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to peak performance, covering everything from mindset and goal-setting to stress management and habit formation.



Tiffany Spencer, the CEO and Founder of A Mindset by Design, boasts extensive expertise in nursing and sales.

With over two decades of experience, she established A Mindset by Design, The Boardroom Membership, and Peak Performance Coaching to address a crucial gap in leadership development.

Her unwavering commitment to personal growth drives her mission to inspire individuals and organizations to reach their peak performance in and out of the office.



"Tiffany's insight is brilliant! She approaches the hard work with wisdom and compassion and helps her clients discover patterns and beliefs that are keeping them stuck. She has a wonderful way of walking in the world and is as real as they get! (She is a lot of fun too!!)"

Client Privacy Maintained

This work challenges you in many ways. The resistance to what you’ve held onto for so long can feel intimidating at times. But Tiffany’s knowledge, guidance, passion and love make sure that you reach the goals you’ve envisioned for yourself. From her program I have gained so many lifelong tools. She has helped me to finally find a way to manage and decrease my anxiety. I have had a decrease in many symptoms (dizziness, numbness/weakness, breathing issues, heart palpitations, adrenal crashes, thinning hair, fatigue). 


Tiffany is an excellent communicator with our team and provides excellent follow up and direction. She will work to find solutions that everyone can appreciate. I like her take “charge” approach to getting things accomplished. I have so much to say and not enough room to write it all!


Tiffany, THANK YOU for being a huge part of my healing journey! Thank you for taking what you’ve learned to help heal yourself and using it to help others. This gift you’ve given me is more than words can describe. It’s beyond my ability to encompass the DEEP gratitude I have for you. AND…thank you for continuing to mentor me as I help other women interrupt their cycles of chaos, change their trajectory, and own their life so they too can thrive in the muddy mess left behind from the storms of life.


Tiffany also has the unique ability to connect with and influence stakeholders at all levels of an organization. As a coach and as a team trainer, Tiffany is an authentic and impactful mentor. She quickly assesses a situation and delivers a needed solution, provides detailed product and process information in an easy to understand manner, and motivates you to achieve your best results.

Medical Sales Representative

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The Boardroom Membership

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